Duriana Photo Tips

Need tips on how to take the perfect picture? We’ve got a few pointers here…

Tip #1: Use a simple and uncluttered background, preferably white. This will bring attention to your product. However, if you add want to add a colourful background, be sure it doesn’t clash with your product.

White Board Reflectors how to take photographs in natural light

TIP #2: Try and shoot your product in a setting with lots of natural light. Shoot near a window or outdoors. Although, on particularly sunny days when photographing near a window, stick a piece of white paper or cloth on your window to diffuse the heavy rays. Or if needed, place lamps or other light sources around your item (but not directly at it, as this will cast shadows).

TIP #3: For smaller items like jewellery and vintage trinkets, where detail is super important, stay away from using the flash.

Vintage Trinket

TIP #4: Be creative and use props. Show your potential customers how they can use your products. For example, a storage box with no props is dull, but a storage box with books and loose papers can illustrate how one can use it in their life. Although, be careful not to do overdo it as it may be confusing to the buyer. Less is more in this case.

Vintage box

TIP #5: Try not to use filters or play with contrasts when taking product pictures. It will distort colours and can be quite misleading for the buying party. However, you can play around with adjusting brightness as it may make your picture clearer.

TIP #6: Make your own lightbox. For details on how to do this click here.

Conclusion: If you want to increase sales and the credibility of your Duriana shop, it is integral to invest a little bit of time in taking good pictures of your inventory. There are over 300,000 products listings on Duriana and having a well-curated set of images will allow you stand out from the crowd and increase buyer confidence.

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