The Duriana Story

Duriana, a location-based mobile marketplace app, is your go-to platform for all things beautiful – whether pre-loved or brand new. In less than 30 seconds, users can buy and sell all kinds of items from an old Poladroid camera to handcrafted gift cards. There is something for everyone.

The app merges a “pinterest-like” stream of stunning photos with easy social sharing and location-based searches, offering a modern alternative to classifieds, forums and traditional marketplaces.

(L-R) Dirk, Camilo, Amanda and Luka

The project kicked off in late 2013 by a group of young entrepreneurs who wanted to create a platform, which promotes buying, and selling pre-loved and unique items within small communities of friends, blog shops and cool local businesses. The initial beta-testing stages began in Bali, where the team lived and worked together to build the foundation of a mobile app, which soon expanded to neighbouring nations Singapore and Malaysia.

With mobile commerce currently at its peak in Asia, Duriana aims to be the leading marketplace for unique and beautiful items in the South East Asian region with plans to expand to Thailand and Indonesia.

Discover great products around you and meet new people in your community. Download it now and join the Duriana community. Get the app on iPhone: & Android:

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