Social Media Festival 2014

Festivals and flea markets are kicking off here in KL. Here is our review of LocalActMy’s Social Media Festival.

Last weekend, we made our way to Localactmy’s Social Media Festival 2014. Needless to say, the event was a resounding success. During the day, the festival drew a large group of vendors and shoppers. We were also surprised at the number of shops who actually made the commute from outstation to KL (more specifically Psychedelic Store & Fitting Room Concept from JB).

The festival is a collaboration of Malaysian online movements from local fashion to art. It’s a natural match with Localactmy as our objective is to market the young generation to a wider audience. We appreciate their talent in the local scene – Izrul Hanafiah, Founder of Localactmy.

As evening approached,  local musicians took the stage to wrap up a successful day out. Kudos to Localactmy, it was a neat and well organized event (also their first attempt!) Looking forward to the next festival in July.

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