A Conversation With A Young Collector

From listing old vintage cameras to a vespa motorbike, Syafiq is one of Duriana’s most interesting sellers. But you would never guess he’s only 23 and makes his day job rounds working as an office admin in Subang Jaya. Surprised? Well, we were. Read our interview with him

You sell lets of interesting items. How do you get ahold of these things?
I get all my old cameras from my cousin who used to study in Jordan.

Do you collect these items or is it just for sale?
I like collecting these things. I will sell them to friends or on a request basis. My items are usually very rare and hard to find right now.

Buy his cameras: 1) Konica: http://taps.io/KOoA | 2) Olympus 35 http://taps.io/J9QQ| 3) Yashica http://taps.io/J-RA
Buy his cameras: Konica: http://taps.io/KOoA | Olympus 35 http://taps.io/J9QQ | Yashica http://taps.io/J-RA

Can you tell us what are the most interesting things you’ve sold?
Old Yashita camera, classic sports outfits, old Rayban specs, Dr Martens and classic Adidaas shoes.

You’ve gained quite alot of attention on Duriana. Why do you think Malaysians are so intrigued by antiques and things of the past?
I think Malaysians like my stuff because they are rare. You can’t find them in a shopping mall or any other ordinary shop. They only see it on Google. These products are special – everything from the design to material.

Syafiq at the Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival last year.
Syafiq at the Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival last year.

Do you participate in fleamarkets?
I’m in new in the fleamarket scene. I only took part in last year’s Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival. Its a good way to meet customers, but I prefer to sell online.

Do you have regular customers or are they different every time?
They are different every time.

Right now, you’re doing this part time. Any plans to do this full time?
No, I prefer doing this part time actually. Maybe I’ll open a business one day.

Are you vintage enthusiast like Syafiq? Get out app our today and discover a world of vintage products! Download for iOS http://taps.io/KiuA and for Android http://taps.io/Kisg.

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