Thrifting From The Palm Of Your Hand

Duriana, a marketplace shopping app, brings the fleamarket experience to the palm of your hand. Which do you prefer an instantaneous shopping experience on your mobile or doing the physical fleamarket bargain hunts?

It goes without saying everybody loves discovering little gems at discounted prices. With fleamarkets and bazaars flooding our cityscape, it is perhaps a fair statement to say, quirky finds are never too far away (although, one has to rummage quite aggressively sometimes!) But with traffic, issues of parking or lack of nearby public transportation, sometimes these fleamarkets are quite hard to get to. 

A screenshot of my findings. All of these items within 6kn of my location.
A screenshot of my findings. All of these items within 6km of my location.

As we all know, Duriana is a shopping app which leverages these sellers, often spotted at weekend bazaars, on to one platform. So, instead of braving the heat (or rain), a quick browse through our app will allow you to discover items from the palm of your hand. Well, yes its that easy. Plus, there is a sense of fluidity, aided through the built-in chatting feature and ‘Make Offer’ tab, which permits real time interaction and negotiation between buyer and seller.  A simple search of ‘vintage’ allowed me to discover: an old vintage Yashica camera (in mint condition) whose owner was interviewed by us yesterday, an eclectic collection of rare toys and some old classic Reebok kicks, all within 6km from my current location.

Don’t get us wrong, we love fleamarkets but Duriana is a great tool to use either as an alternative to fleamarkets or as a tool to enrich your fleamarket shopping experience. Why?

1. Allows more specific defined searches – keywords like ‘vintage’ ‘antiques’ ‘retro’ ‘peplum dress’  will direct you to a catalogue of items, which may take you hours to find in a fleamarket-type setting.

2. Ok, so you prefer seeing products in person as opposed to buying through an app. No problem. Use our app to locate key sellers, contact them on our chat, and arrange a meet up at their next bazaar. A search for ‘vintage clothing,’ for example, will lead you to our extensive network of vintage shop owners. Try it.

3. And lastly, it is on-the-go, no need to wait till the weekend bazaar. Whether its Monday or Thursday, the Duriana marketplace is open for business, 24 hours a day.

Still need convincing? Get out app our today and discover a world of products! Download for iOS and for Android

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