Texteca: A Bookworm’s Dream Come True!

Have you ever wanted a book you couldn’t find in one of our leading local bookstores? Well, good news bookworms, let me introduce you to Texteca, a mobile and web-based bookstore that sources hard-to-find niche titles, which range from graphic to limited edition books. Duriana talks to owner Faraliza to find out more about Texteca.

Tell us a little bit of Texteca…
Currently I’m the sole owner and I manage it by myself in terms of book selection, taking orders and dealing with local or overseas distributors/suppliers. If there’s a bazaar, my brother or a friend will help transport the stock. There are also a couple of my friends who are happy to take shifts to man the booth. And my mom will sometimes help out as well. Since she loves wrappers, I assign her the task of wrapping books before sending to post office.

Why did you decide to start Texteca?
For the love of books and also to fill in the niche of finding hard-to-find titles. Most of our customers come to us saying that they can’t find certain titles in bookstores. And even if they can, my books are usually cheaper.

Let me tell you a bit about pre-Texteca. A friend invited me to become his partner in his textbook business, which mainly targets university medical students. Back then; our brand name was not Texteca.

I declined at first as I’m always super busy with my work. But he was persistent, so I agreed. But not long after, he left to pursue a different line of work, leaving me to my own device. At that point, I already had regular customers so I decided to keep on with the business but to start anew with a different direction – which is to focus more on design, art, architecture, photography, graphic novels and literature books.Texteca's most interesting (1)

How do you juggle having 9-6 job and managing Texteca?
I’m a freelancer now and I take contract jobs. My time is pretty flexible, actually. I come in to work by 10am. If you work in advertising and you’re from the creative department, you’d know that we mostly sashay in around that time. I do take time off from time to time. I need my little breaks in between my stints, and that’s when my focus is more on Texteca.

Do you ever come across books, which you wanted to keep for yourself and decided not to sell? And does this happen often?
All the time! Texteca tends to attract really interesting readers with cool titles. In fact, I learn a lot from my customers. That’s part of the fun of this business. Sometimes I order extra copies for me to keep. If there’s only copy available, of course, my customer comes first. The downside of being a bookseller is I have so many new books I want to read and keep for myself!

What’s the most expensive book you’ve ever sold at Texteca?
A book called “The Tales of Beedle The Bard, Collector’s Edition by J.K. Rowling for RM1600.

Texteca’s large collection of hard-to-find books will be available on Duriana soon. But fret not, we’ve got hundreds of book titles in our marketplace – check out our app today. Its free! Download for iOS http://taps.io/KiuA and for Android http://taps.io/Kisg.

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