Baconroll Handmade: Masters of Up-Cycling

If you like DIY projects and experimenting with wood, you’ll definitely take a fancy to Baconroll Handmade, a husband-and-wife-owned business, which repurposes discarded junk into wonderful pieces of furniture. We have a chat with one half of Baconroll, CJ Gan. 

Both you and your partner have day jobs. Why did you decide to start Baconroll Handmade?
It started almost a year and a half ago. Every time we go online, we’d see cool stuff on Pinterest and realised that we could do it ourselves. Then there was the time when we were just driving around and we saw that people dump furniture that just had minor damages. We figured why not just take it home, sand it down and we could fix it ourselves. That’s how it started.

Being able to make something unusual from scratch and seeing that people love the products as much as we do. That’s the greatest feeling in the world.

The first project was a small bench for us to sit on while we got started on the actual project of sanding down that old furniture. It was made out of an old bed frame.

We found this luggage bag on the side of the road one day. It was in perfect condition, we couldn’t figure out why people would throw it out. We took it home, and stacked it on top of an old wooden stool when we thought ‘hey, this looks like a chair.’ From then on we kept doing research and looking for research and moved forward.

How did you come up with the name Baconroll Handmade?
Well, bacon is the best food in the world! That’s basically how we came up with the name. My partner was making prawn bacon rolls and we thought, that’s it, Baconroll! 🙂

You said you love working with wood. Is there a reason to this?
For myself, it is easier to work with wood as we have easier access to it compared to other materials. Also, working with wood doesn’t require heavy machineries; all we need is some hand held tools, which are available in most hardware supply store.

Apart from ease of access, I personally find wood more “personal” as every piece has its unique identity. Every wood has its own form; each has its own grain even though it came from the same tree. All this combined helped to make my product even more personal and unique.

Where do you gather inspiration? Is there a particular design magazine or website which you always go back to?
Our inspirations come from everything, everywhere. We do visit some design websites, but most of the time, we find inspirations when we see the material that we found. That’s when our minds goes wild.

What is your best selling product?
Vintage Luggage Chair and Beer Crate Chair.

Your proudest moment so far with Baconroll Handmade…
Being able to make something unusual and unique from scratch and seeing that people appreciate and love the products as much as we do. That’s the greatest feeling in the world.

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