What Kind Of Shopper Are You? Take The SAYS.com Quiz!

It is no secret every girl loves to shop. But what kind of shopper are you? The Duriana team takes the SAYS.com test.

With a plethora of bazaars, blogshops and Instashops at our disposal these days, KL-lites are spoilt for choice. Ever wondered what kind of shopper you really are? Check out this short quiz by SAYS.com. We put the Duriana team to test and we came to conclusion that we’re definitely more mobile savvy. Here’s why:

Guilty as charged. Telegram (and Whatsapp) – check, LINE – check, SnapChat – check. I guess you could say we’re addicted to our gadgets – and that applies to our shopping habits too. Why do your mall and bazaar runs when you can browse through a whole catalogue of products from your smartphone?!

Ok, so yes, we get it, shopping on your mobile and online eliminates that “touch-and-try” factor. But, lets face it, it is so much easier than haggling in fleamarkets and braving traffic jams and parking issues at malls and bazaars. With most shops and sellers offering next day delivery – who’s complaining?

It is hard to get us off our phones. We chat, we work and we shop on our phone. But then again, aren’t most millennials like us too?

What were your results? Are you a mobile savvy kinda shopper or more inclined to do the mall and bazaar rounds? Tell us below!

SAYS.com is a social news network, which allows media users from Malaysia to curate and share local news, videos and social causes. Stay abreast with trending issues like the haze and construction of the second Penang Bridge with SAYS.com.

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