Gone Bart Crazy!

Immortalized by US-based streetwear brand Joyrich, Bart Simpson is now the face of a new craze that has swept Hollywood and beyond

No one does quirky prints better than Joyrich, a streetwear brand worn by celebrity A-listers and supermodels. Early in the year, they teamed up with the creators of the Simpsons to celebrate the show’s iconic 25th anniversary. The result? A sartorial homage to the long-standing Matt Groening series which comprised of bold Bart Simpson graphics sprawled across bags, tees and varsity jackets.

As seen on

If you’re not willing to drop a few hundred on the collection, here are a few replicas that cost significantly less.

Simpson Sweater
Bart Simpson Sweater RM69 http://taps.io/K3yg
Simpson Denim BLouse
Bart Simpsons Denim Blouse RM67 http://taps.io/K34A
Bart Simpson Sweater
Bart Simpson Sweater (Singapore) $18 http://taps.io/K35g

Bart Simpson Shorts (Singapore) $10 http://taps.io/K37A
Bart Simpson Shorts (Singapore) $10 http://taps.io/K37A

Do you like what you see? Start bidding on these fabulous items. Get out app our today – Its free! Download for iOS http://taps.io/KiuA and for Androidhttp://taps.io/Kisg.

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