A 360KL Guide For Foodies

Our 360 Kuala Lumpur bazaar is still a few weeks away, but we’ve secured a handful of awesome food vendors. Foodies, take note of our list below!

Gimme Shelter
If you love indulging in Caramel-flavoured sweets, you’ll have to try Gimme Shelter‘s range of homemade salted caramel and hazelnut biscotti. In their last event at the Stellar Bazaar picnic, they prepared virgin Mojitos with swirls of citrus lemon, lime and mint. Expect a similar line-up this April. Slurp.

Gimme Shelter final

Ale Berrie
Ale Berrie will be showcasing a delicious selection of cookies and desserts at 360 Kuala Lumpur. Her creations are crafted with wholesome and nostalgic flavours – which will make you feel at home no matter where you are. Be sure to pay the 23-year-old chef/baking extraordinare/owner Ale a visit, she will make your day. And yes, those are her baked goodies featured in our main photo above!

Ale Berrie's confetti cookies!
Ale Berrie’s confetti cookies!

Known for their elaborate custom cakes, you can expect a bag full of treats from Cherry Bakery House. Some of their signature favourites include: Red Velvet, Melty Hersheys and Oreo Cheese desserts.


Whip KL
Whip KL bring new meaning to the word ‘Cupcapke.’ Why? Try their creamy chiffon Hokkaido Cupcakes and you’ll know what we mean. Make sure head over to their booth at 360 Kuala Lumpur and fall in love at first bite.


Omnomnom by Sarah Munir
From fluffy Pavlovas to messy but delicious Coney Dogs, Omnomnom by Sarah Munir knows a thing or two about tempting taste buds to dive into the (sweet and savoury) unknown.

Coney dogs & Red Velvet cupcakes
Sloppy Joes & Red Velvet cupcakes

Pop The Soda
As far as local beverages go, Pop The Soda, a Malaysian made soda brand is definitely a crowd favourite, especially at bazaars. It is likely you will be roaming the bazaar grounds in search for a thirst quencher (given the Malaysian weather), look for Pop The Soda. Their fizzy drinks come in five distinct local flavours: Soursop (Durian Belanda), Lychee (Laici), Pineapple (Nenas), Banana (Pisang) and Mango (Mangga).


** Photos in article feature image belong to http://www.aleberrie.com

The 360 Kuala Lumpur Bazaar promises to be a two-day gathering of city’s best vendors, covering a wide range of categories for shoppers of all types from quirky vintage collectors to discerning fashionistas. The event is joint collaboration between Duriana, a new social selling app and Pintu Merah, annual organizers of the Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival. It will take place at MaTic Lanai, Jalan Ampang on Sat & Sun, 5-6th April, 11am-9pm. Click here for the event page.

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