#360bazaarKL: A Duriana Review

After a hectic past few weeks, our blood, sweat and tears came together at 360 Bazaar Kuala Lumpur. Here’s the Duriana review

Our city’s skyline provided the perfect backdrop for the first 360 Bazaar Kuala Lumpur, which kicked off after 11am despite a slight drizzle. Vintage sellers lined the entrance pathway, selling quirky items like old records, copper antiques and silk scarves at bargain prices.

The day before... setup at 12pm & 12am.
The day before… setup at 12pm & 12am.

With the Duriana street team in hustle mode, distributing our non-woven tote bags, the event started smoothly. Of course with Wak Dayok in attendance, we saw everyone’s selfie game go up a notch (armed with monopods and all).


Our two stations – the collectibles and pre-loved area – managed to attract a steady stream of visitors. Our collectibles section showcased some of Duriana’s unique items – old 60s and Top 40 records, an antique cord phone and other American sportswear memorabilia.


1Cool items
All these items can be found on Duriana

Our pre-loved section was adorned with accessories, kitschy eyewear and secondhand dresses from high street labels like Zara, Topshop, ASOS and vintage markets. We were letting go tassle necklaces from Bali for RM10, clear-framed glasses for RM15 and our pre-loved dresses for a reasonable RM20. Although, if visitors made a bid through our app, we knocked off RM5. No surprise, it worked.


As colourful as the items on sale, we met a bunch of diverse people – a group of dapper gentlemen from Singapore, a couple travelling through Asia from Germany and a bunch of backpackers from Sweden. As organizers, this is always a great sign, so we were happy campers indeed.



Although the rain towards the end of the first day put a slight damper on festivities, spirits were restored on Sunday with a bigger crowd (and better weather). Big thank you to vendors who made the event possible and guests for your support. We would also like to give a big shoutout to our co-organizers PINTUmERAH, whose experience ensured the event went on without a hitch. Thanks guys. We are looking to next year’s event – and we hope you are too ☺

Do you have lots of pre-loved items to sell or love a good bargain? Your new pre-loved obsession has arrived! Buy & sell from people around you today. Download Duriana: iOS http://taps.io/LRzA | Android http://taps.io/LRzQ

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