3 Things Better Than Leo DiCaprio Dancing in Coachella…

So, the Wolf of Wall Street crept out of character and into the Californian desert over the weekend, but who cares? Here’s three other far more newsworthy stories that caught our eye!

Move over Kardashians, the Jenners are taking over. I guess if there’s going to be anyone to knock ’em off their perch, it would their little sibs. They blazed through the festival grounds with their long legs, wacky Mortia Addams ensembles and Hollywood power partner Ms. Gomez in hand. I guess they learnt a thing or two from their older sisters.


Queen Bey’s Coachella snaps. It’s not very often we get a glimpse into the life of Mrs Carter, but every now again, we are reminded its her world, and we’re just living in it. Red cups & private jets? Yeah, I got 99 problems, and Beyonce has none.



9 tips for pre-loved fashionistas (like ourselves). We stumbled across this very insightful article ‘9 Tricks To Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive‘ on the Huffington Post. As the article says, “Believe it or not, there are tons of ways you can make your poly blend look more expensive, and it won’t cost you a fortune. Tricks as simple as swapping out the buttons on a garment can totally change its appearance, while ditching the belt that came with a cheap dress is almost always the right decision.” PREACH.


On days off, Duriana’s editorial team like to binge away on dirty Hollywood gossip (its our guilty pleasure). Wait, before you get sidetracked, don’t forget to download the Duriana app – Its free! iOS http://taps.io/KiuA and for Android http://taps.io/Kisg.

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