5 Surprising Finds On Duriana (You’ll Never Believe it!)

We’re not playing around when we say the Duriana marketplace is a treasure trove of rare and quirky items you’ll probably never find anywhere else. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading then…

Tabletop Joystick Retro Game

Buy Now: http://taps.io/LuvA
Buy Now: http://taps.io/LuvA

Who remembers Alien Attack? A tabletop arcade game from the 1970s! This console is fully functional, works like a brand new game and is also in mint condition. Priced at SGD 150.

M&Ms Candy Dispenser

View: http://taps.io/Lmlg (SOLD)
View: http://taps.io/Lmlg (SOLD)

For those with a penchant for candies, you’ll go gaga over this listing – an M&Ms Candy Dispenser! Great little addition to any kitchen for candy lovers of all ages. Fancy hearing another interesting fact? Seller @Ameliachiang bought it from New York City! Yes, you won’t be able to find it in Malaysia!

Vespa Super 150

Buy Now: http://taps.io/Luug
Buy Now: http://taps.io/Luug

It is no secret that the Vespa is the most classic motorbike model in history – used regularly as a starring prop in countless movies from the golden era of European Cinema. Duriana seller @apekaiman129 is selling his for a cool SGD850.

An Autographed No Doubt T-Shirt

Buy Now: http://taps.io/LrJA
Buy Now: http://taps.io/LrJA

Seller @nightsurferules walked away with this SIGNED No Doubt t-shirt during a contest, and is now selling it for RM60, which is a real steal if you ask me. It is a Return Of Saturn t-shirt, which is the band’s fourth album, but first as a quartet following the departure of their keyboardist Eric Stefani. And, it was released 14 years ago! Wow… talk about a piece of music history!

Thai Bank Note

Buy Now: http://taps.io/Luuw
Buy Now: http://taps.io/Luuw

A 100 baht note commemorating the 60th Royal Wedding Anniversary of the King and Queen of Thailand. Comes with free folder and free postage.

Like what you see? Download Duriana, Malaysia’s favourite social marketplace app, and start browsing! Sell anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone. Download the app now – its free! iOS http://taps.io/KiuA and for Android http://taps.io/Kisg.

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