Dressing Up the University Dress Code

Back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to be bland just because of school dress codes.

Yes, school uniforms and fashion can co-exist! Follow the rules and still create a customized look for your campus #OOTD with the addition of a few modern, yet subtle accessories. Stock up on statement pieces and let your artsy side add a splash to your own distinct style.

Here are a few A+ tips to showing off your stylish side while still maintaining your school’s dress code policy:

Style your hair

Even the strictest school uniform policies will allow variation in hairstyles. Adding a vintage inspired bow is simply adorable and you can channel that prep school look a la Blair Waldorf with a cute headband.

Ribbon headbands from @sdney_93Ribbon headbands from @sdney_93 

The bright stuff!

Add a pop of color. If your school dress code policy limits color options for accessories, pick your most pop-worthy color and use it to accent neutral colors or, even better, wear crazy socks that matches your personality!

Princess Jasmine socks from @jade2007Princess Jasmine socks from @jade2007 

Layer, layer, layer

Show some school spirit and throw a varsity jacket on top of your uniform for some cool school flair.

Varsity Jacket from @eevhie

Varsity Jacket from @eevhie 


Your uniform #OOTD wouldn’t be complete without a cute pair of stud earrings or your favorite leather watch.

Leather watches from @nicagarcia

Leather watches from @nicagarcia 

Sport a cute backpack

Backpacks are another way to showcase your unique side. A satchel looks very scholarly while a floral backpack suites the girly girl. Adorn your basic backpack with assorted pins to create a look worthy of an A+ in style.

Korean Backpacks from @iviancheong

Korean Backpacks from @iviancheong

Now that you have the tips, time to incorporate them into your favorite school uniform #OOTDs!

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