How To Grow Your Duriana Following


If you’re fresh off with Duriana or a seasoned veteran Duriana user, we know you’re looking to grow your following. And why wouldn’t you? More followers leads to more exposure for your listings, which can lead to more sales! How do you do it? We’ve got four great tips for you.

User page on point

First thing’s first, make sure your listings look attractive and eye catching at all times. This tip, we highly recommend – If your listings do not catch the eye of others, they may not follow. Make sure to fill your page with a la variety of items that are in good condition, if possible, and ensure your photos are clean, clear, and stylized. Plus, the more listings you have, the better.

Follow on

Following others is a very simple way to get people to notice your user page. You can find people to follow by tapping on search tab in the bottom left corner of your feed. And if fellow Duriana users like what they see when they take a peek at who just followed them, they’re more likely to tap that follow button right back!

Share, share, and keep sharing

Sharing other Duriana users items is a great way to show off your personal taste, expand your network, and contribute to the evolving Duriana community. After all, when you share the love, it always comes back to you. All of this sharing means more opportunities for someone to take a look at your page, love what they see, and follow.

Get your social on

Take your sharing efforts beyond Duriana for maximum potential. By sharing your closet and listings on other social platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, you have the potential to catch new members. Also, did you know that if your Facebook friend joins Duriana, they’ll automatically follow your closet? Boom, instant new follower! Just don’t forget to spread the love and do the deed!

We hope this works and you gain double your followers. Tell us if you do! Do you have tips on how to get new followers? Share in the comments below.

7 Reasons To Shop Secondhand Items

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Duriana readers a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf Zahir & Batin. As we enjoy the long weekend, stuffing our faces with delicious traditional Malay Cuisine (lots of rendang, lemang and cookies!!) we’ve listed the following 7 reasons you should consider shopping second-hand on Duriana; it can make a greater difference than you may realize.

1. Much more Affordable
Whether you shop at thrift stores, weekend bazaars or as we encourage you daily, with your mobile, on Duriana, your money stretches much farther. On average, used products are generally 50% cheaper, allowing you to save money for other important expenditures. Smart shopping, anyone?

2. You Get to Experience the Thrill of the Hunt
On Duriana, you deal in the unknown. Scouring categories and options until you have found that have-to-have item at an unbeatable price can be exhilarating. In this way, second-hand shopping is much more rewarding in a way retail shopping could never be.

3 . It’s Easier to Spot Quality
Since most of the merchandise you come across has already been broken in, you can see what has quality and what does not. (If you rather see the item in person, you have the option of chatting with the user on Duriana) Practical and affordable.

4. It’s Green!
Buying used goods cuts down on manufacturing demands and keeps more items out of the landfill! Because a large amount of man-made goods are routinely thrown away, re-using gives a longer life to common household items another family could use, saving the Earth in effect.

5. Inspire to Recycle
The flow of second-hand giving goes both ways. Items or clothes you no longer use, you can sell on the Duriana platform and offer up goods another may be searching for. The act of recycling not only enables us to feel good about our actions but, again, keeps money in the local economy and supports the green living movement.

6. Brand Names
If you’re an individual who worships the tag, you’re likely to find many recycled, brand-name clothes available. It’s a great way to suit your stylish needs while saving a bundle and helping the environment.

7. Updated Merchandise Daily
Duriana receives updates daily with tons of lisitings, so the hunt for that unique item is always new and fresh. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, chances are in a couple of days it might be present.

Because shopping is such an essential part of our consumer-driven economy, indulging in second-hand or rather pre-loved items and opportunities is a way to beneficially promote the economy, save the environment, and still satisfy your craving for unique clothes and items. Wait no more.

Till our next post, keep discovering.



Social Selling Made Easy as 1-2-3!

More than just a marketplace of interesting little trinkets, Duriana is equipped with heaps of easy social sharing features. Here, we take you through a few!

Share Your Listings


Thanks to our easy social sharing features, you can share your listings on your personal Facebook or Twitter accounts with ease. All you have to do is click on one of the icons (marked in red) and hit share.

Personalize Your Message


You are also able to edit the message according to your own preference. If you are a seller, for example, it is great tool to use to update your friends, family and followers that you have new pieces in your store.

Send An Email Recommendation


For users who want to keep things private, send an email instead with a weblink to the item. Here, you can recommend items to your friends in a private way. No qualms, just click on the little envelope icon (marked in red)!

Start A Dialogue

Polaroid Convo

Found something too cool to ignore or can’t decide whether you should make a purchase? Share it on your Facebook and seek advice from your network of friends. We encourage users to share their findings with others – and more importantly, start a dialogue about cool finds in our marketplace!

Keep checking our blog, as we will be having more tutorials coming up! If you have any questions, drop us a line on our Facebook or leave a comment here 🙂

Download Duriana, Malaysia’s favourite social marketplace app, and start browsing! Sell anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone. Download the app now – its free! iOS and for Android

A new Malaysian social marketplace app has arrived!

Duriana Malaysia is a new social marketplace app for social people! Choose to explore thousands of quirky products and undiscovered steals on the app, or start your own mobile business from the palm of your hand. Here’s why you should jump on the Duriana bandwagon!

Our platform is for everyone – whether you are a stay at home mother selling handmade handcrafts or a first year University student offloading your textbooks. We are social selling made easy as 1, 2, 3. Turn your hobby into a business today.


Save costs

Our location-based feature is able to detect the rough location of the buyer or seller (for privacy and security reasons, it will never reveal the exact location). Why pay extortionate shipping fees from international sites, when you can buy from the people near you? Arrange a meeting at your neighborhood mamak instead… who knows you might make a friend or two!


Shop from the palm of your hand anywhere, anytime. Goodbye traffic jams and overbearing weekend crowds!

Bargains aplenty
Need an outfit for the weekend? Thrift pre-loved items at discounted prices. Explore thousands of closets within your community…

A Social Marketplace
Our built-in chatting feature and push notifications allow you to chat and meet new users with similar interests. Our viral loops make it easy to share your listings and purchases on your social media profiles.


Are you looking to cash in on your pre-loved clothes or old gadgets? Download Duriana, Malaysia’s favourite social marketplace app! Browse through hundreds of kitschy products and undiscovered steals from the palm of your hand. Download the app now – its free! iOS and for Android

5 Fashion Trends Malaysians Love

From t-shirts with loud statements to crop tops, we review five fashion trends which are widely loved by Malaysians. Do you agree with our list?

Here are five trends that are making it big in 2014. All the items sourced are courtesy of Duriana, a new pre-loved marketplace app, where a bargain is never too many clicks away

Slogans & Wordplay
The use of slogans and bold statement in fashion, particularly t-shirts, has emerged as a huge trend in the last year or so. Take Brian Lichetenberg as an example. Everyone from Beyonce to Rihanna wore his hugely popular t-shirt line parodying high-fashion brands like Chanel, Balmain and Hermes. No surprise, cheaper replicas have popped up in small boutiques and shopping apps like Duriana.


Crop Tops
With our tropical weather, it is no secret why ladies love crop tops. It’s easy to match and we can throw it on a lazy day with a pair of shorts. In fact, the crop was tipped as one of the big trends for Spring 2014. I’m sure every girl will vouch for the fact it is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing with absolutely endless styling possibilities.

Buy now on Duriana: 'Dead Inside' Top| Forever 21 Crop Top, $10
Buy now on Duriana: ‘Dead Inside’ Top| Forever 21 Crop Top, $10

Traditional Materials
The use of batik in new and modern ways has been a big hit with young fashion adopters and streetwear owners. Clothing labels like The Sultan and Tempatan Clothing took a fresh approach, sewing on pieces of batik on Pocket Square tees to create an interesting clash of traditional and modern motifs. In an incredibly competitive world of fashion, it’s one thing that makes our designers unique and relevant to other Malaysians.

Pocket Tees

Vintage Is The New Black
It appears that vintage clothing has seen somewhat of a revival among KL-lites. The success of niche bazaars like the Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival, which entered its third year in December 2013, shows that there is a strong demand and interest for the vintage market. For example, We Will Wear Whatever We Want, a local collective, has done extremely well in re-marketing and curating vintage into a current trend with mass appeal.


Tomboy Chic
A quick browse through bazaars and shopping malls like Sungei Wang and you will see plenty of oversized sports jersey type shirts. The fashion world in the western hemisphere has embraced the trend of sporting more masculine cuts over body-hugging silhouettes and Asia is following their lead.

Blue Jersey, RM55

If you’re looking to sell and buy secondhand goodies, download Duriana, Malaysia’s favourite pre-loved closet! Browse through hundreds of products and undiscovered steals from the palm of your hand. Download the app now – its free! iOS and for Android

6 Tips On How to Give Your Wardrobe a Makeover (On A Budget)

Living from pay check to pay check and in need of a closet makeover? Well, we got six tips on how to maximise your current wardrobe to its full potential!

Alter your pieces. Styles and trends come and go like the seasons and altering an old pair of jeans into shorts or taking a few inches off a dress are easy tricks to make it current again. There are lots of alteration tailors around Kuala Lumpur such as Za Altera, who have a branch in almost every major mall – Sunway Pyramid, MidValley Megamall, Bangsar Shopping, KLCC among many others. Although, they can be a little pricey. Alternatively, you may opt for your home-based neighbourhood tailor like Jess Alteration.

Other options: Sew N Sew Alteration at Lot 07-07, East, Seventh Floor at Berjaya Times Square.

Cutting Jeans

Sell it. Duriana, a new marketplace shopping app is a great place to start when decluttering your wardrobe. The app is the perfect platform to sell your pre-loved goodies to other bargain hunters in an easy and fuss-free manner. List your items in less than 30 seconds and connect with potential buyers. You can even trade with them if you can fancy! This is a cost efficient way to breathe new life into your closet without breaking the bank.


Buy Secondhand. Instead of paying a (costly) visit to high-street brands like Topshop and Zara, do your pocket a favour and rummage through weekend bazaars and marketplace apps like Duriana first. You may find hidden gems from quirky sellers at knock off prices. It beats getting a RM200 dress from Topshop, only to discover half of KL owns it. Ouch.

Tie-dye it. The dip dyed ombre is all the craze right now, and you can jump on the bandwagon DIY style. Find an old t-shirt and rinse it in an assortment of dye paints to get that hippie flower power touch. Check out The Signature Bow’s easy tutorial on how to tie-dye a pair of shorts. You can get your dyes at Dylon Malaysia.


Organize your wardrobe. Identify what you need and don’t need. If you haven’t worn it in a year or two, there’s a good chance you will never wear it again. It is good to compartmentalize your wardrobe according to the different areas of your life. Do you have too many party dress and not enough work attire? A good housekeeping job will allow you to address these issues and avoid spending money on things you don’t really need.


Upcycle. Now that you’ve identified which items you don’t need, perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to upcycle these items. An old denim jacket you got a couple of years ago has gone out of style. The cut is dated and no longer relevant – but you’d be surprised what a little creativity can do. Adding loose pieces of fabric, studs and sewing on patchwork are nice little touches that can revive an old piece of clothing.


If you’re looking to sell and buy secondhand goodies, download Duriana, Malaysia’s favourite pre-loved closet! Browse through hundreds of products and undiscovered steals from the palm of your hand. Download the app now – its free! iOS and for Android