How To Grow Your Duriana Following


If you’re fresh off with Duriana or a seasoned veteran Duriana user, we know you’re looking to grow your following. And why wouldn’t you? More followers leads to more exposure for your listings, which can lead to more sales! How do you do it? We’ve got four great tips for you.

User page on point

First thing’s first, make sure your listings look attractive and eye catching at all times. This tip, we highly recommend – If your listings do not catch the eye of others, they may not follow. Make sure to fill your page with a la variety of items that are in good condition, if possible, and ensure your photos are clean, clear, and stylized. Plus, the more listings you have, the better.

Follow on

Following others is a very simple way to get people to notice your user page. You can find people to follow by tapping on search tab in the bottom left corner of your feed. And if fellow Duriana users like what they see when they take a peek at who just followed them, they’re more likely to tap that follow button right back!

Share, share, and keep sharing

Sharing other Duriana users items is a great way to show off your personal taste, expand your network, and contribute to the evolving Duriana community. After all, when you share the love, it always comes back to you. All of this sharing means more opportunities for someone to take a look at your page, love what they see, and follow.

Get your social on

Take your sharing efforts beyond Duriana for maximum potential. By sharing your closet and listings on other social platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, you have the potential to catch new members. Also, did you know that if your Facebook friend joins Duriana, they’ll automatically follow your closet? Boom, instant new follower! Just don’t forget to spread the love and do the deed!

We hope this works and you gain double your followers. Tell us if you do! Do you have tips on how to get new followers? Share in the comments below.

4 Easy To Do Hijab Fashion Projects

This one is dedicated to the Duriana hijabis! We bring 4 simple DIY hijab accessories hacks that you can personalize in time for Hari Raya Aidilfirti. We understand your needs in styling your hijab with different accessories. With a dash of creativity you can make your own accessories and alter the things to give it new style, it could even be an alternative way to earn income on the side.

#1 . Paint Hijab Bobby Pins with Nail Polish For New Look

Paint the bobby pins with different nail polish colours bring variety in your accessories.


#2. DIY Donut Hijab Pin Organizer 

If you find yourself loosing a pin after removing hijab and end up having to look for them, then you definitely need this. Sew a foam in a donut shape and voila – You can now organize your pins with ease.


#3. DIY Hijab Button Pins.

Most of you have to tie your hijab with pins and most of us ladies use common pins to do that .Why not to enhance the beauty of hijab by making those pins look pretty. This simple DIY button pin tutorial is the simple way to do that, join two buttons with glue stick then attach the pin with it, that’s about it!


#4. Necklace over Hijab

Don’t know how to utilise accessories you have worn one too many times? Here’s an idea on how to reuse an old necklace – Wear it over your hijab as a head piece, perfect for parties!

Hijab Necklace

Since Ramadan is a special time for all of us and we don’t want to celebrate by paying a small fortune on some decorations. This is your opportunity to try it!

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Tips for Taking the Perfect Flat Lay Product Photo

Take clean, professional looking product photos following the #flatlay trend.

Duriana Flat Lays

Flat lay shots are the newest “in” thing in social media – they’re simple, clean and classy ways to market your products online, especially on Instagram. Fashion bloggers like David Guison does fabulous flat lays of food while Lissa Kahayon has the talent of arranging beautiful minimalistic flat lays of her daily obsessions such as current reads, a chic collection of sandals or her workout #OOTD.

Use this trend to your advantage and attract more buyers to view and check out your products with these helpful tips:

Choose a basic background

White or wood backgrounds are the best for any type of flat lay photos because of their versatility and simplicity. A white bed/table and wooden floor are perfect foundations for a flat lay.

Sailor Swimsuit from @sundaysMNL

Sailor Swimsuit from @sundaysMNL 

Take the photo during the day (and if possible, near a natural light source)

Natural daylight is something you will definitely want to maximise in a flat lay because of the shadows cast on the photo when you’re taking it from above. If you attempt to take a flat lay at night, there will be an unflattering phone shadow in your photo that even a flash cannot fix.

Lily Neoprene from @treasuretrove_mnl

Lily Neoprene from @treasuretrove_mnl

Test your object if it looks good from a bird’s eye point of view

To add texture to a flat lay, experiment with flowers, lace or blank spaces.

Vanilla Bean Latte Pin from @BeanIt

Leave space between the product in focus and other items in the shot

If you use an iPhone, the ‘square’ function of the camera is a great template for you to arrange the flat lay. Magazines, books and polaroid photos always look amazing, as they are naturally flat already. Add these to create appeal to your product shot but make sure to leave a breathable amount of space between to prevent the photo from looking too cluttered.

Peach Soda Bikini from @arashistreasures

Peach Soda Bikini from @arashistreasures

Pick a theme and stick to it

Too many different elements can be confusing in a flat lay – show the buyer exactly what you’re selling with one theme. There’s nothing more overwhelming than a flat lay that has too much going on!

Mason Jars from @sundaysmnl

Mason Jars from @sundaysmnl

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DIY Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday and it’s all about creating bespoke gifts with a personalised touch. Here are a few simple and easy DIY ideas…

Personalized Canvas Bags

Painted Tote Bag

For this Mother’s Day, bring out your inner Picasso and make her a special one-of-a-kind tote bag. Whether you want to go with a simple or a more advanced typography design (say a quote or your mother’s name or initials) – it is really up to you. Plus, these tote bags are great for those fuss-free grocery visits! Check out this great tutorial by Ann-Marie Loves.

Jar Gift Sets


Instead of discarding your jam jars, use them as little gift boxes. If your mother likes to sew, throw in a cute sewing kit. Or if she likes to watch movies, buy her movie vouchers and a small packet of microwavable popcorn. The key is to personalize the contents of the jar to her interests. If you don’t already know this, it wouldn’t hurt to find out before the big day!

Custom Notebooks


For the custom notebooks, print 1-3 photographs of you and your mother and stick it on top of a plain neutral coloured notebook. Give to her as a set of three notebooks, each with a different photograph, preferably of you two in different stages of your life (infant, teenager and adult). This is a great sentimental gift, which may even bring a tear to her eye.

Bottle Vases + Flowers

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 10.38.14 AM


DIY projects are all about re-using and recycling materials in a purposeful and creative manner. Spray paint a couple of bottles and use them as a vase to compliment your flowers (maybe even mix-and-match your flowers?) Step outside the box, add a personal touch to your flower setting. Haven’t you heard? Traditional bouquets are so 2008! Check out this great tutorial by Aura Joon.

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DIY: Pocket Tee

I scream, you scream, we all scream for pocket tees! No catch 22 here, all you need is a blank tee and you’re ready to rock & roll.

As far as trends go, pocket tees are all the craze right now, which are actually relatively easy to make, if you know how to sew, that is. Thankfully, we came across this wonderful blog post by Oh The Lovely Things which teaches you how to make your own pocket tee in under ten minutes (without a sewing machine). This is genius! Click here to see the step-by-step process.


(Via Oh The Lovely Things)

DIY: Simple Heart Backdrop

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, this DIY project provides an inexpensive and creative way to jazz up those blank white walls.

Here, at Duriana, we love DIY projects. If you’re looking to decorate a plain white wall in your office or home, you’ll take a fancy to Designlovefest‘s simple heart backdrop project. All you need is a cut of chicken wire, red tissue papers, three pieces of wood (measuring 6ft tall each), spray paint, hammer, nails and a staple gun. Click here to see the step-by-step process.


(via Designlovefest)