Accessorize Yourself with Duriana!

We all know that girls love accessories. Whether it’s a necklace, earrings, colorful bracelets or a wristwatch, the right accessories can make any girl look like a showstopper. Every girl has her own style statement and accessories can help them stand out. These are the five accessories that we loved on Duriana and would like to share with you. 🙂


Rose White Dangle Earrings – RM 72

These beautiful earrings are handmade and are made with polymer clay, crystal chaton and antique silver plating settling earring hooks. You can get them made any way you want by pre-ordering them.


Plain Colorful Bracelets – RM 15

These bracelets are available in several vibrant colors. You can always match these accessories with your outfit or wear them to add a little color to your style when you’re wearing a plain outfit.


H&M Statement Necklace – RM 60

Statement necklaces are making a trend this year. Whether you want to add a color to a mono color dress, add the unexpected to basics, make a white shirt look more fun or even dress up your office outfit, this statement necklace is perfect for all these situations. Check it out!


Kaca-Kaca Sunglasses – RM 55

Sunglasses have now become a fashion essential. Freshen up your wardrobe with these trendy pair of shades.


Wristwatch – RM 15

Add a unique touch to your outfit with this wristwatch. Buy it now on Duriana!

Social Selling Made Easy as 1-2-3!

More than just a marketplace of interesting little trinkets, Duriana is equipped with heaps of easy social sharing features. Here, we take you through a few!

Share Your Listings


Thanks to our easy social sharing features, you can share your listings on your personal Facebook or Twitter accounts with ease. All you have to do is click on one of the icons (marked in red) and hit share.

Personalize Your Message


You are also able to edit the message according to your own preference. If you are a seller, for example, it is great tool to use to update your friends, family and followers that you have new pieces in your store.

Send An Email Recommendation


For users who want to keep things private, send an email instead with a weblink to the item. Here, you can recommend items to your friends in a private way. No qualms, just click on the little envelope icon (marked in red)!

Start A Dialogue

Polaroid Convo

Found something too cool to ignore or can’t decide whether you should make a purchase? Share it on your Facebook and seek advice from your network of friends. We encourage users to share their findings with others – and more importantly, start a dialogue about cool finds in our marketplace!

Keep checking our blog, as we will be having more tutorials coming up! If you have any questions, drop us a line on our Facebook or leave a comment here 🙂

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DIY Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday and it’s all about creating bespoke gifts with a personalised touch. Here are a few simple and easy DIY ideas…

Personalized Canvas Bags

Painted Tote Bag

For this Mother’s Day, bring out your inner Picasso and make her a special one-of-a-kind tote bag. Whether you want to go with a simple or a more advanced typography design (say a quote or your mother’s name or initials) – it is really up to you. Plus, these tote bags are great for those fuss-free grocery visits! Check out this great tutorial by Ann-Marie Loves.

Jar Gift Sets


Instead of discarding your jam jars, use them as little gift boxes. If your mother likes to sew, throw in a cute sewing kit. Or if she likes to watch movies, buy her movie vouchers and a small packet of microwavable popcorn. The key is to personalize the contents of the jar to her interests. If you don’t already know this, it wouldn’t hurt to find out before the big day!

Custom Notebooks


For the custom notebooks, print 1-3 photographs of you and your mother and stick it on top of a plain neutral coloured notebook. Give to her as a set of three notebooks, each with a different photograph, preferably of you two in different stages of your life (infant, teenager and adult). This is a great sentimental gift, which may even bring a tear to her eye.

Bottle Vases + Flowers

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 10.38.14 AM


DIY projects are all about re-using and recycling materials in a purposeful and creative manner. Spray paint a couple of bottles and use them as a vase to compliment your flowers (maybe even mix-and-match your flowers?) Step outside the box, add a personal touch to your flower setting. Haven’t you heard? Traditional bouquets are so 2008! Check out this great tutorial by Aura Joon.

Are you a craft master looking to sell your one-of-a-kind items? Download Duriana, Malaysia’s favourite social marketplace app! Browse through hundreds of kitschy products and undiscovered steals from the palm of your hand. Download the app now – its free! iOS and for Android

Vintage Shopping: KL’s Best Spots

Are you lover of all things vintage? We’ve got the 411 on where you can shop for rare items you never knew even existed

TF001 3rd Floor, BB Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang

Tucked away in the quiet BB Plaza (next to Sungei Wang) is Buntil, a two-lot shop, which will appease the most seasoned of vintage collectors. Here, you will find a large collection of letterman jackets, vintage denim jackets, jeans and an impressive lot of official concert tour tshirts from the likes of Queen (RM689), Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band (RM689) and Michael Jackson’s notable Beat It Tour (RM500).


With 15 years of experience under his belt, owner Lan (photographed in feature image) usually buys his bundles from Thailand. A bit like US reality series Storage Wars, the contents of the bundle are unknown until after the purchase. “When you buy a bundle. You don’t know what’s inside. The stuff you get is collected from US, Japan and around Asia,” he explains. And what was the most valuable bundle purchase he’s ever made? “It was a bundle with an original Levis jacket from 1947 worth RM7000.”

Hariz Vintage
Lot 24, Level G2, Publika, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas

At first glance, Hariz Vintage looks like an assuming furniture shop, stocked with wooden furniture, however, upon closer inspection, you’ll find a collection of national treasures from a framed jacket worn by the young prince of Nusantara to old official press photographs and locally printed magazines you never knew existed.


Walking through the store, you almost feel like you’re being treated to a history lesson in Malaysian heritage. But don’t get me wrong; the shop also has its fair share of western memorabilia – an old LIFE Magazine with the legendary Winston Churchill as its cover boy, Daily Mirror newspapers from the late 1940s and records from the 60ss and 70s are just some of its incredible memorabilia up for sale – worth a visit for both collectors and inquisitive minds alike.

Download for iOS and for Android

Yes, its true that brick and mortar stores allow for the touch-and-feel factor but mobile marketplace apps are on-the-go, which ultimately bring that fleamarket thrifting experience to the palm of your hand. Enter, Duriana. A new social selling app which leverages all kinds of vintage sellers, connecting likeminded collectors on one platform. A simple search of ‘vintage’ which allow you to discover a world of rare items from an old vintage Yashica camera to eclectic collection of rare toys.

6 Tips On How to Give Your Wardrobe a Makeover (On A Budget)

Living from pay check to pay check and in need of a closet makeover? Well, we got six tips on how to maximise your current wardrobe to its full potential!

Alter your pieces. Styles and trends come and go like the seasons and altering an old pair of jeans into shorts or taking a few inches off a dress are easy tricks to make it current again. There are lots of alteration tailors around Kuala Lumpur such as Za Altera, who have a branch in almost every major mall – Sunway Pyramid, MidValley Megamall, Bangsar Shopping, KLCC among many others. Although, they can be a little pricey. Alternatively, you may opt for your home-based neighbourhood tailor like Jess Alteration.

Other options: Sew N Sew Alteration at Lot 07-07, East, Seventh Floor at Berjaya Times Square.

Cutting Jeans

Sell it. Duriana, a new marketplace shopping app is a great place to start when decluttering your wardrobe. The app is the perfect platform to sell your pre-loved goodies to other bargain hunters in an easy and fuss-free manner. List your items in less than 30 seconds and connect with potential buyers. You can even trade with them if you can fancy! This is a cost efficient way to breathe new life into your closet without breaking the bank.


Buy Secondhand. Instead of paying a (costly) visit to high-street brands like Topshop and Zara, do your pocket a favour and rummage through weekend bazaars and marketplace apps like Duriana first. You may find hidden gems from quirky sellers at knock off prices. It beats getting a RM200 dress from Topshop, only to discover half of KL owns it. Ouch.

Tie-dye it. The dip dyed ombre is all the craze right now, and you can jump on the bandwagon DIY style. Find an old t-shirt and rinse it in an assortment of dye paints to get that hippie flower power touch. Check out The Signature Bow’s easy tutorial on how to tie-dye a pair of shorts. You can get your dyes at Dylon Malaysia.


Organize your wardrobe. Identify what you need and don’t need. If you haven’t worn it in a year or two, there’s a good chance you will never wear it again. It is good to compartmentalize your wardrobe according to the different areas of your life. Do you have too many party dress and not enough work attire? A good housekeeping job will allow you to address these issues and avoid spending money on things you don’t really need.


Upcycle. Now that you’ve identified which items you don’t need, perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to upcycle these items. An old denim jacket you got a couple of years ago has gone out of style. The cut is dated and no longer relevant – but you’d be surprised what a little creativity can do. Adding loose pieces of fabric, studs and sewing on patchwork are nice little touches that can revive an old piece of clothing.


If you’re looking to sell and buy secondhand goodies, download Duriana, Malaysia’s favourite pre-loved closet! Browse through hundreds of products and undiscovered steals from the palm of your hand. Download the app now – its free! iOS and for Android

#FMFA14 Special: What You Need!

With the first and second day over and out, we look towards the final day. Here are three festival essentials you may want to bring along to the “jungle”

Capture all your moments on video or film. Yuna, Pharrell Williams, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Rudimental are set to hit the stage today. Forget your iPhone, arm yourself with a DLSR.

Sony Alpha37 DSLR, RM599
Sony Alpha37 DSLR, RM599

Comfortable shoes
With over four stages, expect to do a fair amount of walking in between. You will have a lot of ground to cover. In order to catch all your favourite acts, you will have to manage your time wisely. Make sure your shoes are comfy!

London Rebel Shoe, gold-tone stud embellishments, RM70
London Rebel Shoe, gold-tone stud embellishments, RM70
Vintage VANS show, RM70
Vintage VANS show, RM70

Hands free
Avoid carrying clutch bags. With a crowd of over 50,000 expected, there will be pushing and shoving and the last thing you need is another bag to worry about. Pack your things in backpack or strapped bag and sling it across your body. Easy.

Original H&M Crossbody bag, RM130
Original H&M Crossbody bag, RM130

Do you like what you see? Start bidding on these fabulous items. Get out app our today – Its free! Download for iOS and for Android

#FMFA14 Special: Accessories Style Guide

As the big names prepare to grace the stage, festival fashionistas are bound to be an eye-pleasing side attraction at this year’s Future Music Festival. We’ve got a few tips on how to perfect the killer festival look without breaking the bank.

Accessorizing is an effective and cheap way to update your wardrobe without having to clear it every month, which is a costly undertaking. Our in-house Duriana stylist highlights the key festival accessories you may want to invest in this coming FMFA.

Tune in your inner mad-hatter
It’s probably going to be scorching hot over the three days – so you’re going to need a bit of shade. A fedora — a stylish accessory and antidote to messy, sweaty hair — is the perfect companion for these outdoor affairs.


Wicker Fedora | White Fedora
Buy on Duriana: Wicker Fedora | White Fedora

Time to reflect
Reflective shades are all the craze right now, especially among festival goers. Whether you’re rocking these coloured mirrored lenses with a simple crop tee-denim shorts ensemble or a flirty summer dress, you are sure to turn heads. Plus, you’re going to need to keep those sun rays at bay.


Buy on Duriana: Steampunk Glasses | Aviator Glasses

Make A Statement
Pair your outfit with bold accessories. We found this ice-cool studded denim turban and a statement necklace on Duriana (at bargain prices too), which will go great with a simple tee and frayed cut-off shorts.

Power Accessories
Buy on Duriana: Tassel Necklace | Studded Denim Turban

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What Kind Of Shopper Are You? Take The Quiz!

It is no secret every girl loves to shop. But what kind of shopper are you? The Duriana team takes the test.

With a plethora of bazaars, blogshops and Instashops at our disposal these days, KL-lites are spoilt for choice. Ever wondered what kind of shopper you really are? Check out this short quiz by We put the Duriana team to test and we came to conclusion that we’re definitely more mobile savvy. Here’s why:

Guilty as charged. Telegram (and Whatsapp) – check, LINE – check, SnapChat – check. I guess you could say we’re addicted to our gadgets – and that applies to our shopping habits too. Why do your mall and bazaar runs when you can browse through a whole catalogue of products from your smartphone?!

Ok, so yes, we get it, shopping on your mobile and online eliminates that “touch-and-try” factor. But, lets face it, it is so much easier than haggling in fleamarkets and braving traffic jams and parking issues at malls and bazaars. With most shops and sellers offering next day delivery – who’s complaining?

It is hard to get us off our phones. We chat, we work and we shop on our phone. But then again, aren’t most millennials like us too?

What were your results? Are you a mobile savvy kinda shopper or more inclined to do the mall and bazaar rounds? Tell us below! is a social news network, which allows media users from Malaysia to curate and share local news, videos and social causes. Stay abreast with trending issues like the haze and construction of the second Penang Bridge with

Thrifting From The Palm Of Your Hand

Duriana, a marketplace shopping app, brings the fleamarket experience to the palm of your hand. Which do you prefer an instantaneous shopping experience on your mobile or doing the physical fleamarket bargain hunts?

It goes without saying everybody loves discovering little gems at discounted prices. With fleamarkets and bazaars flooding our cityscape, it is perhaps a fair statement to say, quirky finds are never too far away (although, one has to rummage quite aggressively sometimes!) But with traffic, issues of parking or lack of nearby public transportation, sometimes these fleamarkets are quite hard to get to. 

A screenshot of my findings. All of these items within 6kn of my location.
A screenshot of my findings. All of these items within 6km of my location.

As we all know, Duriana is a shopping app which leverages these sellers, often spotted at weekend bazaars, on to one platform. So, instead of braving the heat (or rain), a quick browse through our app will allow you to discover items from the palm of your hand. Well, yes its that easy. Plus, there is a sense of fluidity, aided through the built-in chatting feature and ‘Make Offer’ tab, which permits real time interaction and negotiation between buyer and seller.  A simple search of ‘vintage’ allowed me to discover: an old vintage Yashica camera (in mint condition) whose owner was interviewed by us yesterday, an eclectic collection of rare toys and some old classic Reebok kicks, all within 6km from my current location.

Don’t get us wrong, we love fleamarkets but Duriana is a great tool to use either as an alternative to fleamarkets or as a tool to enrich your fleamarket shopping experience. Why?

1. Allows more specific defined searches – keywords like ‘vintage’ ‘antiques’ ‘retro’ ‘peplum dress’  will direct you to a catalogue of items, which may take you hours to find in a fleamarket-type setting.

2. Ok, so you prefer seeing products in person as opposed to buying through an app. No problem. Use our app to locate key sellers, contact them on our chat, and arrange a meet up at their next bazaar. A search for ‘vintage clothing,’ for example, will lead you to our extensive network of vintage shop owners. Try it.

3. And lastly, it is on-the-go, no need to wait till the weekend bazaar. Whether its Monday or Thursday, the Duriana marketplace is open for business, 24 hours a day.

Still need convincing? Get out app our today and discover a world of products! Download for iOS and for Android