The most romantic move ever?


A guy hacks an app to propose to his girlfriend. You will never guess what happens next!

Imagine opening your cellphone to this screen, with your name on it

Faizal has been living abroad for almost 11 years, and has been looking for his true love ever since. When he decided to move back to Malaysia for good, this romantic story started.

He finally found his soulmate and after a few months of knowing each other, he decided to move to the next level in his relationship. He wanted to ask Aina to marry him, but in the most original manner as possible. After all, you only get married once in your life, right?

First, he thought about making his proposal aboard a blimb flying from Kuala Lumpur to Manila, but it proved way too complicated as well as extremely costly. Now, he had to come up with the ultimate plan that would make all her girlfriends jealous.

As the CTO of a local startup, Faizal was always well-known for his hacker-mindset among all engineers of the company. So, he challenged the entire tech team in a 24hrs hackathon to find a way to use their mobile app for the proposal. And they did!

When his girlfriend Aina opened the Duriana app to check out a new listing from one of her favourite sellers, she not only found a new preloved bargain, but also the most romantic in-app banner ever seen: “Dear Aina, do you want to marry me? Faizal”.

“At first, I actually thought it was for someone else!”, she told her girlfriends when announcing their engagement. “But then, I tapped on the banner and found a listing with exactly the 2 weddings rings Faizal and I were looking at a few months ago while strolling through Kuala Lumpur. And I was so sure he had already forgotten about them!!”

Of course, he hadn’t! And when Aina opened the item page, she found even more proof of his love: Faizal had added several photos of the two of them to the listing, as well as a long love letter in the description.

The final move to make a girl’s heart melt

She immediately made an offer on the two rings to accept the romantic proposal. After all, she needed to make sure that no other Duriana user would snatch him away from her by offering a better deal!

And indeed, 450 Duriana users saw the banner in the 15 minutes it was live and he even received some offers and messages from other girls. One of them even wrote “This the most romantic thing EVER! I wished my husband was as creative as you, Faizal. Please update me once she responded!”

We wish them all the best for their future together, and sincerely hope that she does not ask for a refund of her purchase!



Duriana’s App is available on iOS and Android

How To Grow Your Duriana Following


If you’re fresh off with Duriana or a seasoned veteran Duriana user, we know you’re looking to grow your following. And why wouldn’t you? More followers leads to more exposure for your listings, which can lead to more sales! How do you do it? We’ve got four great tips for you.

User page on point

First thing’s first, make sure your listings look attractive and eye catching at all times. This tip, we highly recommend – If your listings do not catch the eye of others, they may not follow. Make sure to fill your page with a la variety of items that are in good condition, if possible, and ensure your photos are clean, clear, and stylized. Plus, the more listings you have, the better.

Follow on

Following others is a very simple way to get people to notice your user page. You can find people to follow by tapping on search tab in the bottom left corner of your feed. And if fellow Duriana users like what they see when they take a peek at who just followed them, they’re more likely to tap that follow button right back!

Share, share, and keep sharing

Sharing other Duriana users items is a great way to show off your personal taste, expand your network, and contribute to the evolving Duriana community. After all, when you share the love, it always comes back to you. All of this sharing means more opportunities for someone to take a look at your page, love what they see, and follow.

Get your social on

Take your sharing efforts beyond Duriana for maximum potential. By sharing your closet and listings on other social platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, you have the potential to catch new members. Also, did you know that if your Facebook friend joins Duriana, they’ll automatically follow your closet? Boom, instant new follower! Just don’t forget to spread the love and do the deed!

We hope this works and you gain double your followers. Tell us if you do! Do you have tips on how to get new followers? Share in the comments below.

7 Reasons To Shop Secondhand Items

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Duriana readers a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf Zahir & Batin. As we enjoy the long weekend, stuffing our faces with delicious traditional Malay Cuisine (lots of rendang, lemang and cookies!!) we’ve listed the following 7 reasons you should consider shopping second-hand on Duriana; it can make a greater difference than you may realize.

1. Much more Affordable
Whether you shop at thrift stores, weekend bazaars or as we encourage you daily, with your mobile, on Duriana, your money stretches much farther. On average, used products are generally 50% cheaper, allowing you to save money for other important expenditures. Smart shopping, anyone?

2. You Get to Experience the Thrill of the Hunt
On Duriana, you deal in the unknown. Scouring categories and options until you have found that have-to-have item at an unbeatable price can be exhilarating. In this way, second-hand shopping is much more rewarding in a way retail shopping could never be.

3 . It’s Easier to Spot Quality
Since most of the merchandise you come across has already been broken in, you can see what has quality and what does not. (If you rather see the item in person, you have the option of chatting with the user on Duriana) Practical and affordable.

4. It’s Green!
Buying used goods cuts down on manufacturing demands and keeps more items out of the landfill! Because a large amount of man-made goods are routinely thrown away, re-using gives a longer life to common household items another family could use, saving the Earth in effect.

5. Inspire to Recycle
The flow of second-hand giving goes both ways. Items or clothes you no longer use, you can sell on the Duriana platform and offer up goods another may be searching for. The act of recycling not only enables us to feel good about our actions but, again, keeps money in the local economy and supports the green living movement.

6. Brand Names
If you’re an individual who worships the tag, you’re likely to find many recycled, brand-name clothes available. It’s a great way to suit your stylish needs while saving a bundle and helping the environment.

7. Updated Merchandise Daily
Duriana receives updates daily with tons of lisitings, so the hunt for that unique item is always new and fresh. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, chances are in a couple of days it might be present.

Because shopping is such an essential part of our consumer-driven economy, indulging in second-hand or rather pre-loved items and opportunities is a way to beneficially promote the economy, save the environment, and still satisfy your craving for unique clothes and items. Wait no more.

Till our next post, keep discovering.



The 10 Things in Your Closet You Can Sell RIGHT NOW

Is your closet chock-full of bags you barely use? Ever bought clothes you ended up only wearing once or never wearing at all? Remember that one time you “accidentally” hoarded accessories that were so “in”? And you know those platform heels are so last season, right? It’s closet cleaning time!


So what’s on your clean-up list?

That shirt you don’t wear any longer.


That blazer you bought for an interview but never wore again.


Those earrings that are too heavy for your ears.


That vintage velcro wallet from the 90s.


The skinny jeans that has become loose over time.


The cardigans you hoarded. You can part with a few.


All those unused handbags. 


Shoes that are just collecting dust.


That bracelet from your ex.


That dress from your farewell party.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to reinvent your wardrobe and earn while you’re at it, download Duriana on your mobile and start shopping, snapping and selling! A little warning, it’s addictive.

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How to Create a Stellar Listing on Duriana

From taking great photos to setting a competitive price, get tips for how to attract more buyers and offers.

Selling on Duriana is as easy as snapping and uploading your next Instagram picture!


The key to making a sale is creating a detailed and thorough product post that will entice users to check out your item. Here’s what you will need to help you create an effective listing:

1. A catchy title

Keep in mind that the title is the first thing prospective buyers will see in their search results (aside from the gallery photo). Make sure that your title has plenty of searchable keywords.

2. Detailed description

Potential buyers can’t touch, test or see your item first hand; they rely on your description for information about the product you are selling. Make sure that your story is complete.

3. Snap photos that sell

Great photos are a crucial part of your item’s description-they show buyers exactly what they’re getting.

4. Price it right

How you price your item will affect its visibility in search, its likelihood of selling, and how much it sells for.

5. Save your best template

Once you’ve created your winning listing, save it as a template to use again. Using standard templates saves time, streamlines your listing process and helps build your online brand.

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Dressing Up the University Dress Code

Back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to be bland just because of school dress codes.

Yes, school uniforms and fashion can co-exist! Follow the rules and still create a customized look for your campus #OOTD with the addition of a few modern, yet subtle accessories. Stock up on statement pieces and let your artsy side add a splash to your own distinct style.

Here are a few A+ tips to showing off your stylish side while still maintaining your school’s dress code policy:

Style your hair

Even the strictest school uniform policies will allow variation in hairstyles. Adding a vintage inspired bow is simply adorable and you can channel that prep school look a la Blair Waldorf with a cute headband.

Ribbon headbands from @sdney_93Ribbon headbands from @sdney_93 

The bright stuff!

Add a pop of color. If your school dress code policy limits color options for accessories, pick your most pop-worthy color and use it to accent neutral colors or, even better, wear crazy socks that matches your personality!

Princess Jasmine socks from @jade2007Princess Jasmine socks from @jade2007 

Layer, layer, layer

Show some school spirit and throw a varsity jacket on top of your uniform for some cool school flair.

Varsity Jacket from @eevhie

Varsity Jacket from @eevhie 


Your uniform #OOTD wouldn’t be complete without a cute pair of stud earrings or your favorite leather watch.

Leather watches from @nicagarcia

Leather watches from @nicagarcia 

Sport a cute backpack

Backpacks are another way to showcase your unique side. A satchel looks very scholarly while a floral backpack suites the girly girl. Adorn your basic backpack with assorted pins to create a look worthy of an A+ in style.

Korean Backpacks from @iviancheong

Korean Backpacks from @iviancheong

Now that you have the tips, time to incorporate them into your favorite school uniform #OOTDs!

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Redmi 2 Smartphone Giveaway


Duriana is giving away Redmi 2 Smartphones to one lucky winner each from Malaysia and Philippines!


1) Download Duriana >>
2) Upload at least 3 NEW or PRE-LOVED ITEMS to sell on the app
3) Add the hashtag #LetsDuriana to every item listed

Win a FREE Redmi 2Contest ends May 31st 2015. Good luck!

PS. Don’t forget to follow Duriana on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 🙂

Terms & Conditions:

  • Limited to ONE user account per participant
  • Items listed must be authentic and must adhere with Duriana’s selling policy.
  • Malaysia winner must collect prize at the Duriana office located in Kuala Lumpur.

Urgent Need: One awesome GRAPHIC DESIGNER

Urgent Need: One awesome GRAPHIC DESIGNER who can multi-task and keep up with the fast-paced environment of an exciting new startup, with high-speed internet connection and a laptop/PC that can create banners, marketing collaterals and videos like a boss!

If you’re that creative rockstar we’re looking for, email your CV & portfolio to 🙂

Win A Free Taylor Swift Ticket!

Duriana Malaysia is giving away x1 Category 3 Free Seating ticket to see Taylor Swift LIVE in KL!

To enter, simply…
1. Download the Duriana app on iOS or Android

2. Search for the keyword “TaylorSwift” and make an offer on the ticket. In this particular instance, the amount of bid doesn’t really matter.

How will it work?
Out of all the bids, Duriana will pick 10 participants to qualify for the lucky draw round. This list of names will be announced on Duriana Malaysia’s Facebook page at 11am, Monday 9th June 2014.

At 2pm, Monday 9th of June, Duriana will conduct a LIVE Twitcam telecast, where they will randomly pick one winner from the lot of 20 names! Please keep an eye on Duriana Malaysia Facebook page as all information will be posted there.


Terms & Conditions
Limited to ONE entry per participant
Duriana must receive 400 bids to activate the giveaway
Winner must collect ticket at the Duriana office located in Mid Valley before Tuesday 10th of June afternoon

Do you have concert or comedy show tickets you want to sell? Download Duriana, Malaysia’s favourite social marketplace app! Browse through hundreds of listings from tickets to kitschy products to undiscovered steals. Download the app now – its free! iOS and for Android

Influencers Series #2: TTFGA

After a long hiatus, our Influencers Series returns. This time, we talk to Mr. fashion photographer extraodinaire, Ridduan Ismail otherwise known as TTFGA

How did you end up doing photography? Was it accidental?
I don’t think its accidental because I really wanted it to happen. At first, it was just a small subject on my course. I guess it all started after I learned how to use a DSLR.


Im turning 25 this year. Currently, studying advertising for three years at a community college…

What are your thoughts on pre-loved/vintage stuff?
I have a lot of pre-loved stuff. I bought this leather jacket at this shop in Sungei Wang. I was supposed to use that money for the Laneway Festival in Singapore. But I ended up buying the jacket instead.

What jacket was it?
It was just a leather jacket. Made in the USA. Not sure about the brand.


Do you see yourself doing more than photography? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Shooting a campaign for Celine.

Buy it on Duriana: Sony Alpha 35 | Olympus Trip 35 | Nikon F65 | Polaroid OneStep

Favourite project thus far?
I would say shooting Najwa. I did the shoot last year. But they are going to start using the pictures this year for her EP album. A lot of media features will be using the pictures. The latest one would be JUICE Magazine.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Jurgen Teller. He shoots campaings for Marc Jacobs, Celine. You can see the tone, angle. It’s a bit like my style – black and white. Not too crowded.


Duriana is a new Malaysian social selling marketplace app, which allows you to discover a world of amazing products for sale – from your friends & neighbors, trendy blogshops or cool local shops you have yet to discover. Download our app today. Its free – iOS and Android

All images courtesy of Ridduan Ismail / TTFGA