Dressing Up the University Dress Code

Back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to be bland just because of school dress codes.

Yes, school uniforms and fashion can co-exist! Follow the rules and still create a customized look for your campus #OOTD with the addition of a few modern, yet subtle accessories. Stock up on statement pieces and let your artsy side add a splash to your own distinct style.

Here are a few A+ tips to showing off your stylish side while still maintaining your school’s dress code policy:

Style your hair

Even the strictest school uniform policies will allow variation in hairstyles. Adding a vintage inspired bow is simply adorable and you can channel that prep school look a la Blair Waldorf with a cute headband.

Ribbon headbands from @sdney_93Ribbon headbands from @sdney_93 

The bright stuff!

Add a pop of color. If your school dress code policy limits color options for accessories, pick your most pop-worthy color and use it to accent neutral colors or, even better, wear crazy socks that matches your personality!

Princess Jasmine socks from @jade2007Princess Jasmine socks from @jade2007 

Layer, layer, layer

Show some school spirit and throw a varsity jacket on top of your uniform for some cool school flair.

Varsity Jacket from @eevhie

Varsity Jacket from @eevhie 


Your uniform #OOTD wouldn’t be complete without a cute pair of stud earrings or your favorite leather watch.

Leather watches from @nicagarcia

Leather watches from @nicagarcia 

Sport a cute backpack

Backpacks are another way to showcase your unique side. A satchel looks very scholarly while a floral backpack suites the girly girl. Adorn your basic backpack with assorted pins to create a look worthy of an A+ in style.

Korean Backpacks from @iviancheong

Korean Backpacks from @iviancheong

Now that you have the tips, time to incorporate them into your favorite school uniform #OOTDs!

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DIY Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday and it’s all about creating bespoke gifts with a personalised touch. Here are a few simple and easy DIY ideas…

Personalized Canvas Bags

Painted Tote Bag

For this Mother’s Day, bring out your inner Picasso and make her a special one-of-a-kind tote bag. Whether you want to go with a simple or a more advanced typography design (say a quote or your mother’s name or initials) – it is really up to you. Plus, these tote bags are great for those fuss-free grocery visits! Check out this great tutorial by Ann-Marie Loves.

Jar Gift Sets


Instead of discarding your jam jars, use them as little gift boxes. If your mother likes to sew, throw in a cute sewing kit. Or if she likes to watch movies, buy her movie vouchers and a small packet of microwavable popcorn. The key is to personalize the contents of the jar to her interests. If you don’t already know this, it wouldn’t hurt to find out before the big day!

Custom Notebooks


For the custom notebooks, print 1-3 photographs of you and your mother and stick it on top of a plain neutral coloured notebook. Give to her as a set of three notebooks, each with a different photograph, preferably of you two in different stages of your life (infant, teenager and adult). This is a great sentimental gift, which may even bring a tear to her eye.

Bottle Vases + Flowers

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 10.38.14 AM


DIY projects are all about re-using and recycling materials in a purposeful and creative manner. Spray paint a couple of bottles and use them as a vase to compliment your flowers (maybe even mix-and-match your flowers?) Step outside the box, add a personal touch to your flower setting. Haven’t you heard? Traditional bouquets are so 2008! Check out this great tutorial by Aura Joon.

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