The 10 Things in Your Closet You Can Sell RIGHT NOW

Is your closet chock-full of bags you barely use? Ever bought clothes you ended up only wearing once or never wearing at all? Remember that one time you “accidentally” hoarded accessories that were so “in”? And you know those platform heels are so last season, right? It’s closet cleaning time!


So what’s on your clean-up list?

That shirt you don’t wear any longer.


That blazer you bought for an interview but never wore again.


Those earrings that are too heavy for your ears.


That vintage velcro wallet from the 90s.


The skinny jeans that has become loose over time.


The cardigans you hoarded. You can part with a few.


All those unused handbags. 


Shoes that are just collecting dust.


That bracelet from your ex.


That dress from your farewell party.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to reinvent your wardrobe and earn while you’re at it, download Duriana on your mobile and start shopping, snapping and selling! A little warning, it’s addictive.

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Tips for Taking the Perfect Flat Lay Product Photo

Take clean, professional looking product photos following the #flatlay trend.

Duriana Flat Lays

Flat lay shots are the newest “in” thing in social media – they’re simple, clean and classy ways to market your products online, especially on Instagram. Fashion bloggers like David Guison does fabulous flat lays of food while Lissa Kahayon has the talent of arranging beautiful minimalistic flat lays of her daily obsessions such as current reads, a chic collection of sandals or her workout #OOTD.

Use this trend to your advantage and attract more buyers to view and check out your products with these helpful tips:

Choose a basic background

White or wood backgrounds are the best for any type of flat lay photos because of their versatility and simplicity. A white bed/table and wooden floor are perfect foundations for a flat lay.

Sailor Swimsuit from @sundaysMNL

Sailor Swimsuit from @sundaysMNL 

Take the photo during the day (and if possible, near a natural light source)

Natural daylight is something you will definitely want to maximise in a flat lay because of the shadows cast on the photo when you’re taking it from above. If you attempt to take a flat lay at night, there will be an unflattering phone shadow in your photo that even a flash cannot fix.

Lily Neoprene from @treasuretrove_mnl

Lily Neoprene from @treasuretrove_mnl

Test your object if it looks good from a bird’s eye point of view

To add texture to a flat lay, experiment with flowers, lace or blank spaces.

Vanilla Bean Latte Pin from @BeanIt

Leave space between the product in focus and other items in the shot

If you use an iPhone, the ‘square’ function of the camera is a great template for you to arrange the flat lay. Magazines, books and polaroid photos always look amazing, as they are naturally flat already. Add these to create appeal to your product shot but make sure to leave a breathable amount of space between to prevent the photo from looking too cluttered.

Peach Soda Bikini from @arashistreasures

Peach Soda Bikini from @arashistreasures

Pick a theme and stick to it

Too many different elements can be confusing in a flat lay – show the buyer exactly what you’re selling with one theme. There’s nothing more overwhelming than a flat lay that has too much going on!

Mason Jars from @sundaysmnl

Mason Jars from @sundaysmnl

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Must Watch: How To Take Great Photos On Your Smartphone

This video teaches you how to up your photography game in three easy steps!

Calling all sellers! Don’t have the budget to invest in a fancy DSLR? Well, great news – this handy video teaches you how to use props to improve the quality of your pictures — and potentially, your Duriana store sales too!

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Weekend Beach Getaways: What To Bring?

With the Raya holidays coming up in two weeks, it’s perhaps time to pencil in a weekend getaway. We pick four items you will definitely need for the journey

For every beach holiday, there are four essentials – a sturdy pair of sunglasses, a bikini, a durable bag to weather the conditions of sea and sand and a comfy après-beach dress. Here are our finds from the Duriana marketplace:

Karen Walker inspired shades, RM55

Buy Now:
Buy Now:

We love the frames of these shades – very Karen Walker. Only difference, it retails for a mere fraction of the price of a pair of Karen Walker shades. At RM55, what’s there not to love?

Bikini Swimsuit, RM79

Buy Now:
Buy Now:

Floral Hawaiian prints are super trendy at the moment –  and we’re totally crushing over this little bikini with mini skirt bottom.

To find this listing on your phone, search @SummerSense. Scroll down and you will find lots of other bikinis, including the floral mini skirt bikini above!

To find this listing on your phone, search @SummerSense. Scroll down and you will find lots of other bikinis, including the floral mini skirt bikini above!

Textured Bucket Tote Bag, RM72

Buy Now:
Buy Now:

The good thing about drawstring bags is that are a lot more spacious than structured bags. Yellow is a great colour for beach getaways – vibrant and playful. This bag, in particular, is selling for RM72 and is made form quality textured PU leather with suede inner lining. Alternatively, it is also available in white and mint.

Beach Printed Dress, RM65

Buy Now:
Buy Now:

This dress, made from high quality stretchy material, is a perfect companion to evening dinners after a day out in the sun.

To find this listing on your phone, search @NudeNot. You will see her wonderful collection of quirky dresses such as this Beach Printed dress. Leave a comment and tell her how awesome it is!


Like what you see? Start buying and selling from your mobile phone! Duriana is Malaysia’s favourite social marketplace app! Download the app now – its free! iOS and for Android

Social Selling Made Easy as 1-2-3!

More than just a marketplace of interesting little trinkets, Duriana is equipped with heaps of easy social sharing features. Here, we take you through a few!

Share Your Listings


Thanks to our easy social sharing features, you can share your listings on your personal Facebook or Twitter accounts with ease. All you have to do is click on one of the icons (marked in red) and hit share.

Personalize Your Message


You are also able to edit the message according to your own preference. If you are a seller, for example, it is great tool to use to update your friends, family and followers that you have new pieces in your store.

Send An Email Recommendation


For users who want to keep things private, send an email instead with a weblink to the item. Here, you can recommend items to your friends in a private way. No qualms, just click on the little envelope icon (marked in red)!

Start A Dialogue

Polaroid Convo

Found something too cool to ignore or can’t decide whether you should make a purchase? Share it on your Facebook and seek advice from your network of friends. We encourage users to share their findings with others – and more importantly, start a dialogue about cool finds in our marketplace!

Keep checking our blog, as we will be having more tutorials coming up! If you have any questions, drop us a line on our Facebook or leave a comment here 🙂

Download Duriana, Malaysia’s favourite social marketplace app, and start browsing! Sell anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone. Download the app now – its free! iOS and for Android

5 Surprising Finds On Duriana (You’ll Never Believe it!)

We’re not playing around when we say the Duriana marketplace is a treasure trove of rare and quirky items you’ll probably never find anywhere else. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading then…

Tabletop Joystick Retro Game

Buy Now:
Buy Now:

Who remembers Alien Attack? A tabletop arcade game from the 1970s! This console is fully functional, works like a brand new game and is also in mint condition. Priced at SGD 150.

M&Ms Candy Dispenser

View: (SOLD)
View: (SOLD)

For those with a penchant for candies, you’ll go gaga over this listing – an M&Ms Candy Dispenser! Great little addition to any kitchen for candy lovers of all ages. Fancy hearing another interesting fact? Seller @Ameliachiang bought it from New York City! Yes, you won’t be able to find it in Malaysia!

Vespa Super 150

Buy Now:
Buy Now:

It is no secret that the Vespa is the most classic motorbike model in history – used regularly as a starring prop in countless movies from the golden era of European Cinema. Duriana seller @apekaiman129 is selling his for a cool SGD850.

An Autographed No Doubt T-Shirt

Buy Now:
Buy Now:

Seller @nightsurferules walked away with this SIGNED No Doubt t-shirt during a contest, and is now selling it for RM60, which is a real steal if you ask me. It is a Return Of Saturn t-shirt, which is the band’s fourth album, but first as a quartet following the departure of their keyboardist Eric Stefani. And, it was released 14 years ago! Wow… talk about a piece of music history!

Thai Bank Note

Buy Now:
Buy Now:

A 100 baht note commemorating the 60th Royal Wedding Anniversary of the King and Queen of Thailand. Comes with free folder and free postage.

Like what you see? Download Duriana, Malaysia’s favourite social marketplace app, and start browsing! Sell anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone. Download the app now – its free! iOS and for Android

Sell from anywhere, anytime with Duriana

Our Community Manager Hajar walks us through Duriana, a new app for buying and selling on the go. Check out her tips and best finds from the Duriana marketplace

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Duriana, we are a new social marketplace app, which allows users to discover a world of wonderful products from pre-loved goodies, unique arts & crafts items to quirky vintage buys. If you love rummaging through weekend bazaars, good news – we’re bringing the market experience to the palm of your hand.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 2.03.36 PM

How do I start?
Our app is compatible with all Apple and Android phones. You can download it here: iOS and for Android Once you’ve downloaded the app, pick a unique username. For business accounts, pick your shop name for easy reference later down the line.

How do I start selling?
Our listing process is easy as 1,2,3. Click sell, snap a picture of your item, give it a price, item name and select category. Be as descriptive as you can when giving your item a short description – what size is the dress? Is it a limited edition item? Vintage? Make sure you convey its story – don’t leave the special details out.


How do I browse?
You can choose to browse from 18 categories such as gadgets, women’s fashion, designer fashion, photography, vintage and music among many others. For more refined searches, hit the search icon and type in whatever you heart fancies (in this case: Peplum Dress).

What kind of stuff can I find?
With over a dozen categories to choose from you really are spoilt for choice. I’m a sucker for all things vintage, and let me tell you, the app has plenty of little treasures. I came across @Ahmad, a yearly vendor at the Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival, and his extensive collection of vintage hankies from 1980 to 2006.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 1.21.01 PM

What are my best finds so far?

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 5.42.43 PM

A pair of vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. Buy here:

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 5.04.29 PM

Authentic Hermes Silk Scarf by Philippe Ledoux. Buy here:

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 5.34.22 PM

A briefcase clutch bag. According to the item description, the seller bought this little baby in India! I love it when sellers take the time to add more detail in their descriptions. Buy here:

So, what are you waiting for? Start selling anytime, anywhere from the palm of your hand. Our app is free, download it today:

In China, vintage shopping is on the rise — but why?

In China, vintage clothing, or guzho as it is known locally is booming. But what is it about vintage clothing that makes it so appealing?

In Beijing’s East Gulou Street, a trend is catching on among young Chinese adults. A vintage clothing craze, to be more specific. In an interview with Chinese publication The Global Times, Jiang Shuo, owner of Tiger Vintage Clothing Store pinned this recent trend to several factors.

“When we are tired of today’s ‘fast food’ fashion, in which styles are endlessly pirated and people’s appearances are seemingly produced out of an assembly line, we are compelled to rethink our own styles and begin to express our unique characteristics. We put our own values, ideas and creativity into those old clothes. It’s like… a powerful weapon to confront the fickle and sometimes shallow trends of our society,” said Liu. “Without spending much money, you can fill your wardrobe with unique and stylish items, owning things that no one else has for miles. This is the biggest charm of vintage clothing.”

This trend has seeped into China’s luxury market, arguably one of the strongest in the world. According to the Fortune Character Institute, in 2013, over 300 new secondhand luxury stores opened in China, including in second tier cities like Changsha, Hangzhou and Chengdu, with sales of approximately CNY 3 billion (USD 4.94 billion).

What do you think of this trend? Do you think Malaysian entrepreneurs should venture into the secondhand market? Tell us what you think below.